This is One of the Best Ways to Sell Online!


The internet has made it a lot easier for new businesses to start selling their goods. However, an ecommerce site can be costly, especially for new start-ups. You have to purchase a domain, pay for a website, then there is the cost of building the website and not to mention all the other fees you have to pay like processing fees, advertising costs etc. So why not consider selling on a marketplace? It’s one of the best ways to sell your products!

There are a lot of advantages to selling on a marketplace and not just for new start-ups but for established businesses as well. For example:

  • Marketplaces are an additional marketing stream that can increase brand awareness and product visibility which will potentially generate more sales.
  • Customers trust the marketplace so they will be more likely to make a purchase.
  • Good option for new start-ups because of the low fees.
  • Easy to set up your store
  • You can start selling your products the same day
  • Great for testing out a new product

The main disadvantages to marketplaces are that they have thousands of sellers, which not only increases competition, but a lot of businesses get lost in the shuffle and their products go unnoticed.

MyEcoHome is a marketplace that sells eco-friendly products for the home.  We sell to a niche market which is great for sellers because your items are seen by buyers who are actually interested in your products.

We do not charge listing fees; you just pay a commission fee when your product sells.

We will also use some of your products in our ads or posts which will help promote your store. This will be a great opportunity for more people to view your products this holiday season. More views mean more potential sales!

No time? No Worries! We are here to help you. One of our staff members will be happy to set up your store for you. We will set up and add up to 20 products free of charge. You are welcome to add additional products yourself for free or we can add more for a nominal fee.

For more information:

Visit our website at: and see our “Seller’s Policy”

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