The Christmas Gift That Keeps on Giving



This Christmas Why Not Buy a Gift That Keeps on Giving?

Purchasing your Christmas gifts from fair-trade artisans can be a meaningful and thoughtful choice for several reasons. By choosing handcrafted fair-trade products, you actively contribute to empowering marginalized groups, especially women. These purchases provide them with economic opportunities, fair wages, and a chance to improve their living standards.

By supporting fair trade artisans, you contribute to enhancing the role of women in decision-making processes, both within their communities and households which helps promote gender equality.

Fair trade practices help lift communities out of poverty by ensuring that the economic benefits of trade are distributed more equitably. This can lead to better education, healthcare, and overall improved living conditions for the artisans and their families.

Fair trade products are often handmade with meticulous care and attention to detail. This not only results in high-quality goods but also provides a unique and meaningful story behind each item.

Handcrafted fair trade products often involve sustainable and eco-friendly practices. Artisans may use locally sourced materials and traditional crafting methods that have a lower environmental impact compared to mass production.

As well, many fair-trade products are crafted using traditional methods and reflect the cultural heritage of the artisans. By purchasing these items, you support the preservation of traditional craftsmanship and cultural diversity.

Choosing a handcrafted fair-trade product as a Christmas gift adds a personal touch and conveys a sense of thoughtfulness. The recipient not only receives a unique and well-crafted item, but the artisan also receives many benefits from that purchase as well. It’s a gift that keeps on giving!

Joy to the World Standing Metal Art

Artisan Story:

The has been famous for decades throughout the world. Metal from recycled steel drums is cut, flattened, and put into a fire to be made malleable. Then the artisan traces the pattern onto the flat piece, and with chisel and hammer in hand, starts the tapping that cuts away all that is not the image. These particular pieces are made in the village of Croix des Bouquet, which has come to be known as the capital of metal art in Haiti!


Macrame Angel Ornament

Artisan Story:

NiBW was born out of the fundamental need to see economic justice for survivors of human trafficking. Poverty is one of the greatest driving forces of human trafficking, and without providing viable opportunities, survivors often find themselves in the very same situation that led them to be exploited in the first place. With the unemployment in South Africa being over 50%, dignifying and sustainable employment is incredibly difficult to come by.

NiBW works with the women at S-Cape, a safe house for survivors of human trafficking in Cape Town. While there, the survivors receive physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual care, as well as skills development and job opportunities to ensure that they can flourish in their reintegration.

Every purchase provides dignity, justice, hope and healing. We cannot end this injustice alone, we are inextricably bound together and we are not free until all are free.


Indigo Chevron Pillow Cover

Artisan Story:

Laos is a country of diverse ethnic groups, each with unique and highly adept craft and artisan skills, but the pressures of modern life and the availability of cheap factory-made imports have resulted in Lao people giving up their crafts and their rural livelihoods. As a result, many of the crafts of Laos are vanishing art forms. Our design and production teams work closely with artisan groups in Laos to create items that fit modern, natural lifestyles while still retaining the spirit of traditional craftsmanship. Guided by the principles of fair trade, we work to create employment opportunities for villagers, especially women, and to reduce poverty and each product is made and finished in the villages.


Teal Soapstone Mother & Child Sculpture

These figurines are hand-carved by Haitian Artisans, working very hard at carving and sanding to get the perfect designs. Soapstone is found on the lands of Haiti where the people wander, searching for the rock to surface. We hope that you will support the Haitian people through your purchase.

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Happy Shopping!

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