What is Your Return Policy?

Each of our vendors have their own return policy. Please see return policy on product page or in sellers store for more information.

What is Your Shipping and Delivery Policy?

Each vendor has their own shipping and delivery policies. You will find this information on the product page.

How Do I Contact MyEcoHome?

If you have a question for us please fill out the form under the heading Contact Us and we will respond within 24 hours. You may also send an email to: info@myecohomemarketplace.com

What Should I do If I Have a Problem with a Product or Service?

If you have a problem with a product or service offered by one of our vendors, please contact them directly and they will be happy to assist.

What Countries does MyEcoHome Sell to?

MyEcoHome sells to customers in Canada, USA, UK and Internationally. See details on the product page for more information as each vendor has their own shipping destinations.

Who Can Sell on MyEcoHome?

1. Anyone who is 18 years of age and older can open a store on our site 2. Merchants who sell handmade or manufactured products that are eco-friendly. 3. Merchants who want to expand their customer base 4. People who want to do their part by helping the people and planet. Please see seller’s policy for more information.

Why Should I Sell on MyEcoHome?

1. It’s cost effective! Great way for new merchants to get started without having to pay for all the costs of creating their own ecommerce site. 2. New market niche for existing business. 3. Your products will be seen! Unlike other marketplaces, your products won’t get lost among thousands and thousands of products. 4. Merchants can sell on our marketplace along with another marketplace to maximize customer base. 5. No Listing fees. List as many items as you like. You just pay a nominal user fee of $2.00 CDN plus HST/month and 15% commission of the total sale plus HST and currency conversion fees IF any. See Sellers Policy for more details. 6. Easy to set up your store and add products 7. We offer to set up your store and add a few products for you free of charge. 8. You will be automatically notified when your product sells so busy merchants don’t have to attend to their store 24/7. 9. No obligation. You can close the store anytime you wish. 10. Great way to get your products noticed during the holiday season. 11. We will advertise some of your products in our ads. 12. You’ll be doing your part to help save the people and the planet.

I Am a Potential Vendor. Who do I Talk To?

If you are interested in becoming a vendor you may open an account by clicking on the Sell with Us tab. If you require further assistance please contact us at: info@myecohomemarketplace.com and we will be happy to answer any of your questions.

How to Set Up Your Store on MyEcoHome

1) Click on “Sell with Us” at the top of the homepage then click “Join Now” and fill out the form. 2) Once you have signed up, requested a verification email, and are in your store, go to Profile and click on My Account. Fill out the form and agree to the Terms and Conditions Make sure all fields are filled out to ensure there will be no issues with shipping. 3) Under Profile click on Payment Details. Here you will choose if you would like to be paid for your sales via PayPal or internet banking and complete the form. 4) Go to Configuration and in the dropdown click Shipping Configuration. Here you will select the shipping options you want to set up in your store. Canadian sellers can choose Canada Post or Free Shipping, or they can choose both options. USA sellers will only be able to select Free Shipping at this time. 5) Set the settings under General Configuration as you choose. 6) Under the heading Products choose Product Listing and then click on Add Products. Fill in ALL the product details, *Remember to choose a shipping method and add collections for each product. You may also choose to click on More Actions and add products by CSV. 7) To keep everything consistent on our website, in the Description box please add your product information in this format using the following headings: Product Details, Shipping, Return Policy. Please see other product pages on our site for an example of how to set it up.

Seller's Guide to Setting Up Shipping

Login to seller dashboard and enable shipping methods. Configuration >> Shipping Configuration. Sellers can enable one or all the shipping methods but only one can be used per product. • Canada Post • Marketplace Shipping-Country-wise • Free Shipping • Product-wise Fixed Rate Shipping • Global Configuration CANADA POST • Canadian sellers can sell domestically or internationally using this shipping method. • US sellers cannot use this shipping method. Enable Canada Post from the shipping configuration in seller panel. Seller Panel > Configuration > Shipping Configuration > Check the Canada Post option > Save. Go to Product Page>> choose Canada Post in shipping box. Enter the size and weight of the product. Rates will be automatically calculated at checkout based on the size and weight of the product that was entered on the product page. Customers will be given a choice at checkout to choose what Canada Post Shipping method they prefer: Expedited Parcel, Regular Parcel, Xpresspost or Priority. MARKETPLACE SHIPPING If the seller is shipping to different countries with different shipping rates, then, they must enable Marketplace Shipping Country-wise shipping. Go to Configuration >> Shipping Configuration menu of the seller panel, the seller will see the marketplace shipping option in the listing. In front of that shipping method, the seller needs to click the View button in the Action menu. Clicking on the view button, the seller will see a list of countries. From here, the seller will get the option to manage shipping ranges & add countries. Sellers can also disable/delete any country from the list. Seller adding Shipping Ranges • The seller will click the Range Detail to add New Range & set a shipping range to enter country wise shipping rates. These rates will be applied based on a product’s price or product’s weight. Free Shipping Over a Certain Amount • In case sellers want to provide free shipping over a certain amount then they can set up the shipping ranges based on price as below: • For example, sellers can set the shipping ranges as 0-$100, $101-200, $201-300, and in the last shipping range, you can put any higher number like $301 to $5000000. • Then, sellers can put up the rates on these shipping ranges for each country. • For example: 0-100$ shipping rate is $10. • 101-200$ shipping rate is $20. • 201-300$ shipping rate is $15. • $301 to $5000000 shipping rate is zero ($0) • This way, if any seller’s product falls under $301 to $500000000 range, then no shipping rates will be applied to that seller’s products. FREE SHIPPING Login Seller dashboard>> Go to the configuration >> Shipping method >> Enable Marketplace Shipping Free shipping can be added using the Marketplace Shipping and entering zero for the shipping rate. Be sure to also select Marketplace Shipping on product page (see free shipping over a certain amount above as a guide). Sellers can also enable Free Shipping in Shipping Method and then select Free Shipping from the shipping menu on the product page. PRODUCT-WISE FIXED RATE SHIPPING Set shipping for products as one rate for all quantities or additional rates for additional quantities. Login Seller dashboard>> Go to the configuration >> Shipping method >> enable product-wise fixed rate shipping through the action button. Go to Product >> Product >> Edit or add a product >> Shipping method >> select product-wise fixed rate shipping in shipping methods on product page. As soon as, the seller selects product-wise fixed rate shipping, a few options will appear i.e. PRODUCT WISE SHIPPING RATE TYPE and shipping price. Select the product-wise shipping rate type i.e. Quantity wise or Overall, enter the shipping price and click SAVE button. Quantity Wise By selecting “Quantity”, the shipping cost will be applied to the number of items selected while placing order. For example, if sellers set the product -wise fixed rate shipping cost $10.00 on a quantity basis then if a customer chooses three products while placing order the Shipping cost will be calculated at $30.00. Overall When the seller selects “Overall”, the shipping cost will be applied to the product only while placing order. For example: if sellers set product-wise fixed rate shipping cost to $10.00 on an overall basis then if customers order that product the shipping cost will be $10.00 no matter how many of that item they order. GLOBAL CONFIGURATION If shipping and delivery days have not been configured for a particular state within a country, it will be displayed based on the global configuration. However, if a specific configuration has been set for the state within that country, it will be displayed accordingly. To configure the Global configuration for shipping, go to Seller Panel, navigate to Configuration >> Shipping Methods >> Click on Global Configuration After following the steps above, the seller will have the option to add shipping days and delivery days while adding the country for shipping. SET SHIPPING AS DEFAULT Sellers can set the marketplace shipping as the default option from their seller panels. It is necessary for the sellers to choose a shipping method. Then only these shipping rates will be visible to the customers on front end. If a seller doesn’t want to set the shipping method separately for each of the products, then they can simply set the “Shipping as default” as set the shipping rates. Then the marketplace shipping method will be automatically added to each product of that seller. Seller Panel>>Go to Configuration>>Shipping Configuration>>Click (…) Action>>Click “Set as Default” from the Action menu of Shipping Methods.

I Would Like to Open a Store but I Am Not Sure I Have the Time

You can easily set up the store yourself or one of our staff members will set it up for you. We will add up to 25 products for you free of charge. If you would like to add more products than 25 products, you can add them yourself or we will do it for a nominal fee. PLUS you will be automatically notified when your product sells so busy merchants don’t have to attend to their store 24/7.