MyEcoHome Inc. is a corporation founded by a mom in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

While undergoing a home renovation, I became aware for the first time, of all the toxins such as VOC’s that are in products like furniture, flooring, etc. that are very harmful.

I was concerned that my children would be exposed to the toxins, so I started to search for some eco-friendly alternatives. I was able to find some eco-friendly products, but it took a lot of time and effort to source out the items I needed, as they were not available in one place and most were not stylish enough.

Upon further research, I also discovered that even some of the everyday products people use in their homes such as cookware, storage items, candles, bakeware etc. could potentially be toxic as well.

I believe that there are a lot of other consumers like me, who are not aware of the toxins from the home products they buy, and of the possible harm they could cause to them and their family.

Therefore, I felt a need to create an eco-friendly marketplace where customers would be provided with a safer choice of stylish home products right at their fingertips.

MyEcoHome vendors care for the home environment and the planet and their goals are in line with ours. They offer great eco-friendly products and always list the material or ingredients in their listings so our customers can make good purchasing decisions.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to make MyEcoHome a leading eco-friendly marketplace that strives to always provide our customers with the most stylish and safest products for your home.

Vision Statement

Our vision at MyEcoHome is to lead the way in creating a sustainable and stylish future for homes worldwide. We are relentlessly committed to providing our customers with a diverse range of sustainable choices, making it effortless for them to create a beautiful, eco-conscious home environment.

Through global expansion, diverse vendor partnerships, and a passionate commitment to our planet, we aim to empower more individuals to make eco-conscious choices. MyEcoHome envisions a world where every home is a sanctuary of style, sustainability, and safety.