Home Décor Trends in 2024



Design Styles of 2024

Biophilic Design is still popular in 2024. The incorporation of natural elements into your home such as indoor plants, natural materials and earthy colour palettes create a connection with nature.

Victorian Design is making a comeback this year with spindle furniture, crown mouldings, flower patterns and other design elements from the Victorian era.

Victorian design is known for its quality craftmanship, luxury, opulence and elaborate and intricate detailing which is evident in architecture and handcrafted furniture. Wallpaper patterns from the era such as leaf and damask motifs are in. Colours for this design are rich and bold. Gold tones such as brass accents are also trending again.

British Interior Design is also a popular design this year. British design incorporates elements from the country's rich cultural and design heritage, blending traditional elements from the Victorian, Georgian and Edwardian eras with modern elements.

Some of the key elements of this style are traditional bold patterned wallpaper, the use of floral, plaid and stripe patterns, quality craftmanship in furniture, finishes and trims; antique furniture with a blend of modern; and brass accents. The colour palette for this design are heritage colours such as pale blue grays and creams.

Trends in 2024:

1) Brass accents.

2) Bold colours and patterns.

3) Top colour of 2024: Blue.

4) Textured walls are trending this year. Add some texture to yours with plaster, limewash or terracotta    tiles.

5) Flower Market prints are popular.

6) Quilts.

7) Vintage and Handcrafted Pieces including furniture and decor items.

While it’s great to stay on top of the latest home décor trends, the key is to strike a balance between incorporating elements of trends that resonate with you and maintaining a timeless and personal aesthetic. Remember that trends come and go, but your home should be a place where you feel comfortable and at ease. If a trend aligns with that goal, then feel free to embrace it, but don't feel pressured to follow trends blindly if they don't enhance your living experience.

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