Christmas Gift Ideas 2022


We are so excited that the Christmas season has finally arrived! With all the parties, pretty decorations, lights, and shopping who wouldn’t be excited?

The malls and online stores are starting to get busy with shoppers searching for the perfect gift. However, it can be overwhelming with all the choices and all the hard to please people out there; so, what on earth do you buy?

Well, we have the solution. Buy unique gifts that anyone will love. Buy something that people will be excited to get because they may not normally buy it for themselves.

These days more and more shoppers are searching for eco-friendly products. At MyEcoHome we offer beautiful sustainable gifts that will be treasured by all on Christmas morning.


Artisanree’s fruit basket is made of bamboo and comes in a unique design and in many colours. In addition to fruit, it can also be used to hold faux floral arrangements or battery-operated candles. This basket will brighten up any kitchen or living room. Super cool! 

Bamboo Fruit Storage Basket


Anyone would be thrilled to get a cheese board like this. It comes in many different shapes, colours, and sizes. Pair with the Cheese Knife Set and Cheese Word kitchen towel below for a nice gift. 

Round Cheese Paddle Acacia Boards

Cheese Words Cotton Kitchen Towel

Cheese Knife Sets



Add a delicate fresh pine scent to your home with this coconut wax candle by Les Crème.

Great Christmas gift for a friend, host/hostess, co-worker or for YOU 😊

Fresh Pine Scent Coconut Wax Candle



There is no better gift than a gift of relaxation...

Relaxing Pillow Mist This relaxing pillow mist uses a blend of pure essential oils that relax the mind and body. The combination of clary sage, chamomile, geranium and lavender creates the perfect aroma for ultimate relaxation. Spray on your pillow before bed, before meditation or throughout the day to calm the mind.

Chamomile Oatmeal Soak Oatmeal has incredible healing properties, and when combined with the power of dried herbs creates the ultimate bath experience. Throw in the tub and let steep for a mess free oatmeal bath. This bath soak combines organic oatmeal and dried chamomile!

Relax Roller This roller uses a blend of pure essential oils that relax the mind and body. Infused with Amethyst! 

Relax Gift Set | Trio


Alpacas are so warm and huggable; they will surely become a kid’s favourite toy!

Made from the softest and finest alpaca pelts in natural colours. Enjoy the warm fluffy feel of alpaca in this lovable toy. Each fur toy is unique. No two look exactly alike. Comes in a variety of colours. 

9" Standing Fur Alpaca Toy



This blanket is woven with 100% Baby Alpaca in a beautiful ombre pattern and modish edge stripe. It's soft and lightweight creating a perfect personal throw or worn as a fashionable cover up. 



A gift anyone can use! Fill it with flowers or display as an accent piece. This beautiful zebra design vase adds a modern touch and sophistication to any room.

Art Decorated Zebra Glass Vase 16"



We know you would NEVER forget your fur babies on Christmas morning. After all, they need a gift too!!

Christmas Lights Cat Cave is handcrafted by using 100% New Zealand Merino wool. This unique and innovative design is soft, supple, and breathable for year-round comfort that keeps your furry friend cool in the summer and warm in winter for a purr-fect night’s sleep or just a midday catnap.



Porcelain Tea Storage Tower with Silicone Lid: The functional tea tower has three separate compartments for storing several different types of tea. This makes the tower a perfect storage container which can also be placed directly on the table for serving. It can be used for loose leaf tea as well as teabags. Perfect for tea lovers.


Why not pair the Tea Tower with this Multi-Function Flask and a box of tea and give it to someone as a gift set for Christmas!

This bamboo flask from Let’s Craft It! Is perfect for tea, coffee, fruit-infused drinks. It comes with a removable stainless-steel strainer so you can Infuse hot water with your favourite loose-leaf tea.

Bamboo Flask with Strainer



Just because you’re stuck cleaning doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some pop music magic. Dish Divas Dishcloth Set has captured the essence of three enormous hits to help you sing along at the sink. A great stocking stuffer idea for the music lover or for those who love (or need) to clean!

Shop for your favourite song. 

We have tea towels too!


Visit our marketplace and check out more great gift ideas!

Happy Shopping!

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