EARTH DAY: More People Are Buying Eco-Friendly Products. Why You Should Be Making the Switch Too


Not so long ago, the environment wasn’t a consideration for most consumers when making purchasing decisions. Shoppers didn’t pay too much attention to how or where products were made and what materials were used in the process, they just bought an item they liked for the right price. Consumers that did consider the environment when making a purchase had a difficult time finding eco-friendly products and viewed them as substandard.

Today that has all changed. Eco-friendly products are now more available and the demand for sustainable consumer goods is on the rise. Three out of five consumers say socially responsible or sustainable products made up at least half of their last purchase. Others say they would rather buy eco-friendly products but end up not making the switch because they are just too expensive.

In general, eco-friendly products are more expensive. This is because the products can be made from natural materials, organic materials, have natural processes, are handmade, are free trade, have socially responsible practices, are ethically sourced, manufactured and/or sold by small businesses.

Although eco-friendly products cost more it’s worth spending the extra money because not only are they beneficial for the planet but also for people, since natural items are often non-toxic and better for indoor air quality and health.

In contrast, man-made manufactured goods may cost less, however, they may not be a safe choice. For example, synthetic materials such as polyester and nylon that are found in many home products are produced with chemicals. As well, some manufactured products contain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), which are released into the air. Studies have shown that VOCs and synthetic materials can cause serious health issues.

Now that there are a lot more quality eco-friendly products on the market, consumers who are on a tight budget will have more opportunity to find a better deal. Even if the price is still slightly higher it’s worth making the investment; just make one small purchase at a time.

Therefore buy eco-friendly, because nothing is more important than then your health, the health of your family, the health of the planet and supporting small business!


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