10 Clever Decorating Hacks to Make a Small Room Look Larger


Don’t let the small size of your room stop you from having the home of your dreams! These 10 clever decorating hacks will help you maximize your space and make your small room appear larger - just like magic!

1) Paint the Walls a Light Colour. Create the illusion of a bigger space by painting the walls with light-coloured paints such as whites, off-whites, pastels, or neutrals. These colours reflect light which makes the room appear to recede, giving the illusion of a larger space. For maximum effect, paint the ceiling white (or light) and match the baseboards to the wall colour so you don’t break up the flow of the room. Eggshell and satin paint finishes are ideal for use in small spaces, since their light-reflective properties help to amplify the available light. 

2) Use Mirrors. Add space and depth to any room with a stylish mirror. Mirrors reflect objects and light, increasing brightness and making the area appear larger. Decorate your space with a large wall or floor mirror.

3) Hang Curtains High. Hang curtains close to the ceiling and drape them to the floor. This will draw your eye upward creating a sense of height in the room.

4) Buy Furniture that is Horizontal, Lower to the Ground and Smaller in Scale. Give your room height with furniture that is horizontal, lower to the ground, and smaller in scale. Choose furniture like ghost chairs, sofas with exposed legs, or glass coffee tables to keep the sight lines open, creating the look of a light, spacious area.

5) Declutter Your Space. Put items in baskets or decorative boxes to keep the space tidy and free of clutter. If you have a lot of stuff, consider giving it away. Simplifying your space makes the space larger.

6) Hang Oversized Art on the Wall. Hanging an oversized painting on the largest wall will create a focal point in the room and it give the illusion of a larger space.

7) Decorate with Vertical Objects. Create more space with vertical design. Decorate your room using vertical objects such as floor length mirrors, vertical shiplap, curtains and kitchen cabinets mounted near the ceiling or striped wallpaper. These solutions can add an illusion of extra height by drawing the eye upward therefore making the room appear larger.

8) Have Adequate Lighting in the Room. Flush-mounted lightening is best in a small room as it will allow for more headroom. Alternately, you can opt for table lamps or wall sconces which keep the floor clear. Make sure the lighting is bright.

9) Decorate With Reflective Objects. Objects such as glass vases, shinny countertops, chrome appliances all have reflective properties which means when light strikes it’s surface it is reflected creating the illusion of space and added light.

10) Keep the Space Open. Do not have furniture or other items in walkways. Keep a clear path so the space feels larger.

Try these hacks and transform your room. You’ll be surprised how well these tips will make your small room appear larger.

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